Nesting x Nightingale is a collection of small batch handmade macrame home goods, jewelry and thoughtfully sourced items to bring unique charm to you and your home. 
Hi,  I am Jessica.  I am a self taught macrame maker, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I grew up riding in the back of the family station wagon and fishing with my dad.  Watching mom paint, do wood working and sew her own clothes, while putting herself through nursing school.  I took naturally to the sewing machine at 13, altering thrifted clothes was a passion at a young age.  I later studied fashion design for 3 years in London, Ontario.    
Always having the need to create and work with my hands, I worked in floral design for 6 years.  While doing floral design full time, I would use my days off to create jewelry and make alterations for a local vintage shop under the name Nightingale Adornment
You're welcome to view some images of my previous work featured in Jute Magazine in 2013 (link provided below) also featured in Freq Mag in 2015.
In 2016, while pregnant with our daughter Vivienne, I created my first Macrame piece, attended my first market as a vendor and made my first macrame sales, selling nearly everything I created!   Since then our family has relocated (and relocated and relocated) spending time in New Brunswick, Alberta and now residing in Manitoba.  In a stage of what feels like "forever nesting", having to pack up, sell and or donate belongings each move, I have developed a keen eye for vintage treasures and sincerely enjoy the search and rescue method of finding unique things for our home.  Now I want to share these thoughtfully selected and handcrafted pieces with you!
Nesting x Nightingale - handcrafted in our home for yours.
Thank you for visiting,
Xx Jessica 
Jute Magazine 
December 2013 Issue  (pg.10-17)